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„Verso“ – the manufacturer who has chosen the ecological way of heating.

The "Verso" team has set the goal of providing maximum reliability, comfort and service to its customers in an environmentally friendly manner.
"Verso" products that use wood and pellets as a heat source are a combination of exceptional design and advanced technology.

Our team - a set of knowledge, enthusiasm and persistence.

We believe in teamwork and make sure that everything is done in the proper way. A team of professionals is constantly working on improving the quality, functionality and design of existing appliances, and at the same time developing new and technologically improved appliances.

Why use stoves as a source of heat?

Wood is a renewable energy resource and it is possible to talk about its zero impact on the environment. In contrast to what happens when burning fossil fuels, when burning wood, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is equivalent to what is absorbed by the tree during its growth. This process is called a carbon cycle.


All of our products are strictly tested by Certification Authorities to verify that they meet the following standards:

European conformity mark
EN 14785
Pellet stove regulations
EN 13240
Wood stove regulations
EN 12815
Wood heating stove and cooker regulations
EN 303.5
Boiler regulations
German anti-pollution regulations