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Verso UPS 400


Real, not Modified sine wave in inverter mode!

- 1.3 "OLED display 

- Sound signaling.

- Recommended type of battery - from 30Ah to 120Ah- Sound signaling.

- There is built-in compensation for low power supply below 210V.

- Built-in charger with a charging current of 1 to 5A depending on the capacity and type of the battery

- Output voltage 230V ± 15V volts is guaranteed up to a maximum power of 600W. When the maximum power is exceeded, the unit is switched off after 60 seconds.

Data sheet

Захранващо напрежение от мрежата
from 170V to 250V 50Hz
Изходна мощност
up to 400 W
Захранващо напрежение от акумулаторa
Режим моментално превключване.
25mSec от мрежа към инвертор
Изходно напрежение
230V ±15V 50Hz